I am currently completely obsessed with labeling EVERY single thing. I’m blaming my new Brother VC-500W Colour Label Printer and watching too many episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (and possibly also my pregnant best friend’s who I believe somehow gave me some of her nesting hormones) because I seriously have a need to re-organize EVERYTHING. Project number 1 (most urgent ;)): my studio!


Because we shoot a big amount of videos in the studio every week, I have way too many packs of the same products lying around; you know the drill - a little bit of flour in this package, a little bit in the other. I buy new ones coz I think I don’t have enough and end up with no overview over what we still have there. Today was a free day so I thought it would be a great project to do with Fer. He loves to put things in boxes and jars and he loves stickers so I gave him a task to find all the same products in the studio and then we placed them in jars.

We then created two different sizes of labels - 50 mm ones for the big jars, and the 25 mm ones for the small jars. The printer is super easy to set up, you just pick your size of labels that you then insert and download a Brother app on your phone. You can create everything in the app itself and can go as crazy as you want - since my studio is serene and white, I created black and white labels in the editor of the app and printed them straight from my phone.


Next weekend I am planning to organize all the props and yes, more labels will be involved in that. I have 5 types of cutlery that need to be sorted and put in separate boxes and I won’t even mention the amount of small cloths, little bowls, kitchen utensils - ok let me stop coz I would need another page to list everything in need of sorting and that’s just in the studio. Fer committed to organizing his toys too - let’s hope he will be as enthusiastic as he was today :)