Okay, so honestly I never thought the resort type of holidays were really my thing. I was always more of a ‘free bird’ and all my holidays were not very planned and activities very spontaneous. Even after Fer was born, I managed to do some travelling with him that was quite impromptu. However as he grows older and needs more entertainment and activities to do, I started appreciating the type of holidays that are filled with things to do for Fer and can keep him busy so he gets his crazy monkey energy out of him. And any place that also has spa and swimming pool so mama can feel totally relaxed are a total win! The place that recently has risen above all my expectation was Center Parcs in Le Lac d'Ailette, France. Just a 2,5h drive from home but it made me feel as if I was in a different universe for 4 days!


Not only was it the most charming - it felt like we were in some adorable town somewhere, I don’t know, far away from Belgium hehe. We had a VIP cottage that was right at the water so we enjoyed breakfast with ducks and swans in the sun (we also decided the place must have its own ‘micro-climate’ as it was sunny and hot for all the time we were there. Like it was t-shirt and beach weather! (you can check my stories on Instagram in a highlight named ‘Center Parcs’ to see more of the village!)


Don’t mind the Unicorn bathing cap, Fer had stitches on his head but that was not going to stop us from enjoying the tropical pool! We are both crazy about water so pools are obligatory when we go on holidays but of course not all of them are as amazing as this one was. It even had a sand box in the water - if you know my kid, sand boxes ARE LIFE and a sand box in the water? I was hearing about it for days!


One of the activities at the resort were riding lessons for kids. You have to understand this is totally outside of my comfort zone. I know I know, coming from the person doing crazy stuff all the time, when it comes to Fer I am just so overprotective and want to protect him from anything. Like falling of the pony. So the ride looked pretty much like that: Fer - mama I LOVE THIS. Me - can mama just hold you a bit while you ride? Fer - STAY AWAY MAMA. I’m big boy! Me - just a little bit? Fer - NO! I’m big boy. Me - omg, he’s gonna fall. Fer - FASTER HORSIE, FASTER. It was so much fun, mostly for Fer haha but I loved seeing him be so confident on the pony and I as shocked at how good he was at that!


I honestly really can’t wait to go back! I’m already planning a little getaway there with my sister and her boys and my mom in the summer! Who is joining us? ;)