I’m no Martha Stewart. I won’t even pretend I’m an expert on laundry. I’m far away from that. It’s not that I hate doing laundry…. Oh wait. It is. It totally is. I hate doing laundry. I mean, I have totally bought new undies and socks once or twice (or more) because I run of out the clean ones. It also happened that I left laundry in the washing machine for days. More than a few times. So no, I am not the greatest person to give you laundry tips. But there is one part of the whole laundry thing that I have mastered, and that is removing stains! 


‘How?’ you may ask. Well, out of necessity. I am the clumsiest person who daily works with food. My clothes are pretty much constantly covered in some type of stains. Coffee, curry, tomato sauce and oil are some of my least favourite ones. To add to that, Fer thinks it’s totally okay to use his sleeves as a mouth wipes (working on teaching him that it’s SO NOT OKAY but I have not been successful yet). What it comes down to is that there is never a stainless pile of laundry here. NEVER. 

I discovered Dr. Beckmann gall soap through my mom who brought it from home when I was struggling with breastfeeding poop stains (sorry guys for TMI but this shit is so hard to get rid of, you know if you’re a mom what I’m talking about) and it was literally the only thing that got the stains out. 

I have since discovered lots of other products from Dr. Beckmann which are seriously a life saver (or rather a clothes saver)! The PreWash with gall soap is my favourite one to go to - it’s always in my kitchen so I can just grab it in my clumsy moment (which is as you have gotten already pretty often). It has an easy brush and it works within 10 minutes, you put it on a few minutes later you can wash it. It pretty much works on all kind of stains but I have 3 other favourite products for my 3 least favourite stains!


Stuff that I absolutely hate is anything with turmeric! I have had to get rid of so many clothes in the past because of freaking turmeric. And I love curry and golden milk and Dal but the stains turmeric leaves seemed to be FOREVER. But I tried one of the Dr. Beckmann products that are called ‘stain devils’ - little tubes that do magic for different type of stains and the curry stains CAME OUT! SO FROM NOW ON, NO WORRY ABOUT THE CURRY! First time ever. I also use it for tomato sauce, ketchup, chimichurri (okay you can it coz now I’m just getting hungry). 

My second favourite stain devil is the one for make-up! Because one other stain I really used to really get frustrated with is FOUNDATION ON WHITE CLOTHES! And I love white clothes. But I tend to somehow get my foundation all over the place in the morning rush and every girl knows how hard it is to get rid of make-up once it nicely blended not with your face, but your shirt. I tried the whole shaving gel tips and other things I found online before but nothing has done the job as perfectly as the Dr. Beckmann make-up stain devil

The third award to most annoying stains goes to: sweat stains! Yep, I’m no unicorn, I sweat. And I hate how my white t-shirts look under the armpits. Especially after the summer. Euuuw. I thought there was no way to save them but there IS. There is a Dr. Beckmann spray that makes the sweat and the odour disappear and I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me because I just hate to throw stuff away.


More laundry tips from your not-so Martha Stewart coming soon! So stay tuned!