My bathroom has been ready for a while now except that I have been hanging towels in front of my windows to make sure that a view of me taking a shower will not end up on any 'interesting' website, if you know what I mean. My current bathroom was originally a shed above the garage so the windows are not your regular windows. They are small and low and not a standard size and I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with them. Curtains would look too heavy and window foil would look too cheap. Not that towels were a better choice but I put my whole heart into making this bathroom so I was not going to compromise till I found something that works. And so I found Squid (nope, nothing to do with the squid you once had for dinner;). 


Squid is basically a self-adhesive transparent fabric that you stick on your windows. It covers the glass and it allows you to see the outside, but makes sure no once can see you from the outside. It lets this soft, dimmed light inside so I have a feeling that the world is covered in snow when I'm in my bathroom. It's qualitative, looks absolutely gorgeous and it has such a natural feel to it - I could not be happier with the result. It's also 100% Belgian which makes me extra happy (because YAY for local products). 

This is how it works: You order the Squid fabric based on the size of your windows which means you can use it on ANY window, no matter how unique. What you will receive is a piece of Squid self-adhesive fabric in your chosen colour (I just loved the white) that's a bit bigger than the size of your window. Yes, you'll get the instructions but it's pretty straight forward. You clean your window with ammoniac, stick the fabric and cut it at the edges with a cutter knife. Voila, done! Bonus: you will never have to clean your windows again (I mean, who likes to clean windows right, not me, for sure not me). 


I'm seriously obsessed with this product so go check it out, go go go!