Honestly, I have not been aware of the existence of Flemish Ardennes before last Saturday. Even though the invitation did say that that is where I was going to spend my weekend, in my head, I was going to Ardennes. Which is not the same as Flemish Ardennes you guys. And that’s more than OK. Because I ended up having one of the best weekends in a long time. And so did little Fer. Such a treat! 

What a charming, peaceful, wonderful region for a relaxing getaway! The Flemish Ardennes are home to beautiful nature, calming views and what feels the never-ending walking routes (actually it's 850km and it's fudging a lot in a small ass country like Belgium). 

We started the weekend with a small hike in the nature before we settled into our logies Sentoo Relax. Hotel meets B&B is the best way I can describe and it has the best of both worlds, the service of the hotel with the ‘comfy home like’ feeling of the B&B. When I picked the place, I thought the best part will be the swimming pool and spa facilities but surprisingly, there was something EVEN better: a burger bus! A burger bus!!! You have to understand, Fer’s favourite things in life at the moment are cars, trucks & busses AND food (he is my son after all). The bus was standing in the backyard of our room and that was already extremely impressive to my little monkey. Imagine the excitement when were able to get on the bus and have dinner there! It was like Christmas and Easter and birthday combined! THAT level of excitement. Let's not forget the burgers which were artisanal and delicious and yeah, they were served in a bus. Come on! 

Next morning, before heading for our hike, we had breakfast that, oh my, you don’t eat every day: eggs, yoghurt, fresh bread, fresh juice, cheese, meat, mini pancakes … you name it, it was pure food porn. Thank god we planned a long walk to burn some of those scrumptious calories. 

We picked a route that was long enough to enjoy the nature and beautiful views of the region but short enough for my little munchkin to enjoy it as well (hey, you know, the attention span of a 2 year old). We parked the car on the Paddestraat in Velzeke (around Zottegem) and followed a few km route that took us through open fields and little woods and where, next to the landscapes and cows (called by Fer moo’s), we also got to enjoy quite a few old-timers passing by (you can guess who was most excited about that). Fer took a 4 hour nap afterwards which is unusual, so thank you calming nature of Flemish Ardennes - this mama could cook us some dinner and take a nap herself. 


I already marked a number of routes I want to do next so I honestly can't wait to go back. More info on the waling routes of Flemish Ardennes can be found on the site of