I am humming coz Easter is coming! Just look at my hunny, dressed as a bunny, isn't he funny? Sorry, I'm being a goof. Spring vibes get to me and I rhyme like a bee. OK OK, I'm gonna stop now. 

pasen met hema

Fer and I are going to celebrate the heck out of Easter at the seaside next weekend and HEMA is the reason we're all ready and freaking adorable. OK, the later only goes for Fer but he is cute for the two of us. I mean, isn't this bunny outfit EVERYTHING?! My only questions is WHY DOES IT NOT COME IN MY SIZE?! Coz you know, I would totally wear it. While rhyming about bunnies, why they're worth all the moneys hehe. Talking sizes, it might say the outfit is meant for 3-6 year olds but don't let it stop you, oversize is in and as you can see, Fer pulls it off like a pro. It is now officially my favourite piece of Fer's wardrobe and I might get questions when he's older about the number of times he was on a picture in it in random settings. But that's ok. 

This is officially the first time I am organising (or participating) in an Easter egg hunt! Being an egg hunt virgin, I surely do appreciate the HEMA egg hunt kit. It has bunnies, it has eggs, it has chickens and it has sweet little clues to leave around too. I am no expert in the field, but for me it has all I need to make this egg hunt super duper fun! 

With this child of mine getting bored with everything after a few minutes, we never leave for the weekend away without a decent amount of toys but HEMA has us covered as well. Colouring pad, stickers, pluche toys, and even a cute wooden set, all Easter themed! I know who is going to enjoy himself during the weekend! 

easter celebration with hema

And here is the reason my friends even invite me to ever stay at their holiday home for a weekend. THE FOOD! And this time, THE CAKE. Coz there ain't no Easter brunch without the cake. And not just any cake, this year it's time for Easter's most adorable specked egg cake. Here is how to make your own!  


Cake of choice (I made a basic 4 layer sponge cake filled with whipped cream and berries, I used a small 12cm spring form. You can of course make a regular size 2 layer sponge cake instead). 
1 pack of HEMA Specked Eggs
375 g unsalted butter, softened
500 g powdered sugar
Liquid blue food color
1,5 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
+ clean paint brush

To make mint-coloured buttercream, beat butter and powdered sugar with electric mixer until incorporated. Add one drop of blue food color at a time, beating until a light blue color is achieved. I only needed 2 small drops so be greedy on the food color if you want a nice mint-coloured and not blue buttercream. 

We will put 2 layers of buttercream on the cake. The first layer is applied to seal in any crumbs and to help smooth the surface of the cake. The second layer is our actual 'finish'.  
Dollop a large spoonful of buttercream onto the cake and then smooth it over the top of the cake to create a flat surface. Spread the icing around the sides of the cake and use a cake scraper or palette knife to make sure it is smooth. Chill in the fridge for two hours.

Put the finish layer of buttercream but this time do not smooth it too much, we are going for a rough effect on the cake. 

In small bowl, mix cocoa and vanilla. Load a paint brush with cocoa mixture. Holding the brush 15 cm away from the cake, gently spatter the mixture onto iced cake (practice first on a piece of paper). Cover entire cake with chocolate speckles. Finish off with specked eggs on the top of the cake.